Frame Technology

Eyres uses advanced frame and lens materials to ensure that our eyewear is premium quality, and never fails where protection is critical. We provide a range of materials to suit a huge variety of lifestyles and challenges, always keeping comfort, performance, precise vision and safety in mind.


Intelligent, safe and tough, Eyres frames are…

  • Patented designs
  • Based on technologies that ensure the best materials for maximum comfort, performance and safety
  • Aesthetically designed frames that people want to wear
  • Based on advanced materials for superior comfort and fit.

Ongoing R&D

Frames are tested for the most demanding situations. Our laboratories in Australia, Thailand and Israel develop, review and test, eye protection to ensure customers receive only the very best.

Innovative Design

Ongoing development of innovative designs that combine frames with the optimal lens choice ensuring the best possible eye protection for a range of activities and environments.

Frame Materials

TR90+, Advanced Thermoplastic
This unique material has highest impact resistance even at low temperatures. It has a high fatigue strength, holds memory, and is resistant to a broad range of solvents and chemicals. It is also a low density material, displaying outstanding weather and crack resistance.

Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Polymer
Polycarbonate frame technology results in a frame that is rigid and much stronger than other plastic materials. This high strength material features superior impact resistance, as well as good weather and stress crack resistance. Solvents can adversely affect this material.

Thermorubber, Advanced Rubber Technology
Thermorubber incorporates the positive characteristics of both rubber and plastic.
It provides the flexible benefits of rubber, while ensuring the structural integrity of soft plastic. It keeps the frame held firmly in place while adapting to the shape of the wearer’s face.