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Eye Risks

Why Should I Wear Protective Eyewear?

Eye injuries at workplace are a common cause of lost days at work, reduced productivity, as well as medical and workers compensation costs.
For the unlucky worker, the worst scenarios and vision loss. The burden is significant not only to workers, but also to industry and the community.

Is It Possible To Protect My Eyes ?

Up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable and can be significantly reduced by using the correct eye protection.
Different environments and tasks require different solutions.
Eye injuries can also be a result from poorly fitted or incorrectly selected eye protection, there for choosing the right frame and lens, suited to the needs of the individual and activity, is critical to ensuring adequate protection.

Standards and Certifications

Why Should I use certified eye protection?

Certification guarantees quality through ongoing testing and assurance.
With a frame and lens delivered together as a safety optics package that has been developed, manufactured and then tested and certified by an laboratory, you have an airtight guarantee of the best possible optical protection for your eyes.

It important to understand that if a safety frame is fitted with a safety lenses by an uncertified laboratory, you have no guarantee of protection.

What Are The Standards Eyres Safety Gasses Certified To ?

Eyres Safety glasses are certified to the 3 major international standards:Australia: AS/NZS1337, Europe: EN166 , United States: ANSI Z87.1

With performance requirements including: impact resistance, visual and optical performance,
transmittance and UV protection.

Safety Glasses – The products

What Are The Different Markings On The Product?

All products are marked as part of the standards requirements. This markings information, guarantees protective eyewear quality and resistance according to the use and needs.
The markings on the frame and on the lenses, provide the information about the glasses quality, certifications, use and level of protection.

Lens markings: Type of filtration, manufacturer, mechanical, electrical and thermal resistance, optical class and the Certified standard.

Frame markings: Manufacturer, mechanical, electrical, chemical and thermal resistance and Certified standard.

For the complete frame and lens marking information, please refer to the certifications section on our site.

Why is Eyres Safety Optics Better?

Eyres Safety Optics can offer prescription lenses for even in the most extreme-shape wraparound frames. Combining Shamir's advanced expertise in lens manufacture and complex designs, with superior eye protection designs, results in uncompromising visual acuity for the wearer.