Safety RX Glasses Vouchers System

Listening to customers, we found out that the administrative process for all stakeholders around the procurement of Safety RX Glasses (SRX) is much too complicated and time consuming. With Eyres Safety Optics SRx Vouchers System, providing SRx for any company employee or for individuals, is easier than ever before.

To make the process of ordering and administrating SRX simple and productive, we created the Eyres Safety Optics SRx Vouchers system, which bisect the procurement process and enables users to get hold of their SRx within 10 working days. Furthermore, the indirect cost of procuring a pair of SRx can be reduced by one third. In addition, Eyres Safety Optics SRx Vouchers have a simple pricing structure, while providing you full flexibility at any time.

How to obtain and Use SRX Vouchers

Eyres Safety SRX solution is a simple few simple steps process.

Obtaining the vouchers is easy:

  • By an agreement with Eyres Safety Optics
  • By one of our distribution partners
  • Make an online request (for individuals)

Types of Vouchers Eyres Safety SRX

Vouchers system is designed to make the process of choosing and ordering the correct SRX solution, simple, friendly and most important making it easier to obtain the most accurate and suitable solution.

Each voucher has a value and it valid for a certain collection of Eyres SRX Solutions:

Silver Safety:

Valid for: Single Vison Polycarbonate  clear lenses  

Gold Safety:

Valid for: Progressive, Office or Single Vision Polycarbonate clear or tinted lenses clear lenses

Silver Safety:

Valid for: Free choice from complete portfolio including Progressive, Office or Single Vision Polycarbonate Transitions®, Polarized or tinted lenses.

How to use

  1. Selecting Voucher Whenever there is a demand for a SRx by a user (employee), authorized person from a company or the user himself, in case of private use, selects the correct voucher according to the needs.
  2. Voucher activation The voucher should be activated and assigned to the user before use. Activation is performed using Eyres safety online activation system. This can be done after one time registration to the Online vouchers system.
  3.  Finalizing the SRX solution To get the best SRX solution, the user goes to one of our partner opticians nearby his location for measurements and fittings. The optician enters the voucher number into our ordering web application and to verify voucher is activated for the user. The optician then performs all measurements and selections needed to provide the best SRx solution for the user. (frame choice, refraction, frame fitting) All data is entered to our ordering system and transferred to our manufacturing lab.
  4. Delivery The order is immediately sent for manufacturing. Delivery time is within 10 working days to the address chosen when the order was made.