Edging and Framing

Eyres Safety Optics is powered by Shamir, a globally recognized leader in complex edging and framing. Its lens design technologies provide optimized visual acuity for just the widest range of prescriptions and frame shapes, including wraparounds, ensuring end-user quality, comfort, and style.

Unique expertise - Rx Lenses in Wraparound Frames

Wraparound frames provide the best level of coverage and protection but can be challenging to fit with prescription lenses. Combining Shamir's advanced expertise in lens manufacture and complex designs, with superior eye protection designs, Eyres Safety Optics can offer prescription lenses for even in the most extreme-shape wraparound frames. The result, the uncompromising visual acuity for the wearer.

Leading Advantages - Complex Edging

At Shamir’s state-of-the-art facilities, the latest equipment and most advanced software combine with specialized knowhow to produce precision, highest quality products.

This winning combination results in a range of advantages:
• Customized Design – Every job individually analyzed to ideally fit frame shape
• Unsurpassed Range – Achieves convexities that competitors can’t match
• Optimized Visual Experience – Provides sharp vision, whatever the lens and frame shape
• Unique Flexibility – Lens shape can meet special customer requests