Cutting Edge Lens Technologies

Groundbreaking production & lens design technologies from Shamir Shamir’s cutting edge technologies match the lenses not only to the wearer’s prescription and chosen frame, but also to the activity they’re engaged in and even their posture and reading position.

Our lenses incorporate leading edge technologies such as:

Direct Lens Technology

This cutting edge, Freeform technology is the most advanced system for  customized back surface optics. Combining lens design with patient data, results in personalized progressive and SV lenses with expanded vision zones, precision optical power and an elegant lens shape. Direct Lens Technology revolutionizes prescription eyewear, creating lenses with all the right dimensions and optical properties to suit any frame.

Eye-Point Technology® III

Eye-Point Technology III is a new analysis technology that enables Shamir to overcome the problem of different prescription-related viewing experiences. By simulating the real world view for any given prescription, Shamir is able to redefine the viewing experience, ensure similar fields of view for both hyperopicand myopic wearers, and provide an improved viewing experience for all, regardless of prescription.


This technology controls the power profile along the eye’s visual path through the progressive lens corridor, and allows Shamir lens designers to give variable emphasis to the power for every given point on the lens. Based on thistechnology, Shamir has the ability to design lenses optimally suited to a particular activity, from lenses for specific sports, to multi-purpose lenses that pay special attention to clear vision for today’s intermediate visual tasks. This is achievedwithout compromising distance vision, ease of adaptation, or smooth transition between viewing fields.

Natural Posture™

Natural Posture is a new ergonomic design concept that dynamically locates the near viewing zone within the progressive lens corridor, taking into account the positive or negative power of the prescription. This minimizes the need to tilt the head forward or back, or raise and lower a book in an attempt to bring the text into focus. Any postural discomfort while reading is thereby minimized, ensuring the patient enjoys natural, comfortable viewing posture.

As-Worn Quadro™

This technology bridges the geometric gap between the trial frame used in the optometrist’s office, and the actual frame chosen by the patient. It ensures that the patient’s experience of the prescription once the lens is fit into the frame, is exactly the same as when originally measured by the optometrist, giving the patient the same viewing comfort and visual acuity.