Certifications, Guarantee of Quality

Beyond compliance with strictest international standards, certifications are achieved through ongoing testing and assurance. Eyres Safety Optics brings you both, as a firm guarantee of quality.

Certified production facilities

• Certified production facilities in Australia, Thailand, Portugal and Israel.

• Laboratories audited annually to stringent accreditation requirements meeting European, American and Australian standards.

The laboratories in Australia, Thailand and Israel contain state-of-the-art test facilities that are independently audited annually.

Tests conducted include:

• Optical: 100% QC on optical and visual qualities

• Transmittance: for color, UV and density

• Mechanical testing: drop-ball, impact and penetration

Certified to international standards

• Europe: EN166

• Australia: AS/NZS 1337

• United States: ANSI Z87.1

Performance requirements include impact resistance, visual and optical performance, transmittance, and UV protection. 

Why use Certified Eye Protection?

If a safety frame is fitted with a safety lenses by an uncertified laboratory, you have no guarantee of protection.

With a frame and lens delivered together as a safety optics package that has been developed, tested and manufactured by a certified laboratory, you have an airtight guarantee of the best possible optical protection for your eyes.